Barn Owl Paintings

The paintings below were done for a solo exhibition of Barn Owl paintings, held in Tralee in 2009.
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"I've been involved in a Barn Owl Survey of Co. Kerry for several years now, a project which has brought me into close contact with these enigmatic birds. Although the object of the project is to conserve and protect this rare species, it also provides enormous inspiration for paintings, through my many close encounters with these beautiful birds."

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Training Day
Young Barn Owls learning to hunt at dusk, at a derelict country house near Castleisland, Co. Kerry.
Acrylic on board, 2009. 60 x 36 cm. Price: 1200 euro, framed. Framed size: 89 x 64 cm. Pale wood frame, dark blue coloured mount.

Past the shed
A Barn Owl flies past an old shed, near Tralee, Co. Kerry.
Acrylic on board, 2009. SOLD.

Barn Owl chick
A young Barn Owl, about 60 days old. The fluffy down is quickly giving way to the full-grown feathering. It will be able to fly in another 20 days or so.
Acrylic on board, 2009. SOLD.

Three Barn Owl chicks
A painting inspired by ringing (banding) Barn Owl chicks at an old church in Co. Kerry, where the nest was in a deep cavity in the huge stone walls. 
Acrylic on board, 2009. SOLD.

Moonlit Night
A Barn Owl flying by an abandoned farmhouse in east Kerry. 
Acrylic on board, 2009. SOLD.

An Owl's World
A large pencil drawing of an abandoned farmhouse near Caherciveen, Co. Kerry. There are two Barn Owls in the drawing, almost hidden from view. 
Pencil on board, 2009. SOLD.

The Chimney Arch
A Barn Owl, perched below the entrance to the nest, in an old chimney, near Caherciveen, Co. Kerry. 
Acrylic on board, 2009. SOLD.

Courtship Chase
Two Barn Owls in a courtship chase in early April, close to an old house where they might nest. Near Inch, Co. Kerry. 
Acrylic on board, 2009. SOLD.

Leaving to Hunt
A Barn Owl at dusk, departing from its' roost, near Dingle, Co. Kerry. 
Acrylic on board, 2009. SOLD.